Bounty - Complement QualsAI and Reach Our 2M+ Survey Community

Consumer Voices with Bounty Mobile Research Customer Survey App

QualsAI helps to create Qualitative Research Studies with access to over 2 million users on the Bounty Customer Survey App and platform as well as secondary panels and databases so you get the ideal candidates, first time.

Bounty Consumer Market Research App

Brands Connect With Consumers Seamlessly

Consumers Earn Rewards and Shape Brands

Welcome to Bounty, the revolutionary mobile research customer survey app, connecting brands and consumers seamlessly alongside QualsAI to reach the relevant consumers for your qualitative research study. With over 2 million users across eight countries, Bounty creates a targeted, relevant and organic connection between brands and their target audience for greater understanding through market research. 

Here's How Bounty Supports QualsAI With Qualitative Research Studies:

Bounty Mobile Research Customer Survey App

Brand Platform of Consumers

Consumers can download the app and join the ranks of millions of existing consumers participating in research using the Bounty mobile application. Here, consumers actively participate in research projects complementing QualsAI, providing valuable insights to brands while earning cash and side rewards. It's more than just a survey – it's an interactive platform that encourages better engagement and valuable results.

Experienced Consumers with Qualified Answers

Bounty ensures a positive research participation experience. Through demographical and behavioural targeting options, along with smart mobile marketing campaigns, users are exposed to research projects relevant to their interests at the right time. This not only enhances the quality of answers but also ensures users engage meaningfully with brands.
Bounty Mobile Research Customer Survey App
Bounty Mobile Research Customer Survey App

Smart Targeting, Data and Representation

Bounty's reach extends across actively operating countries, providing a comprehensive representation. Regular updates of 30+ demographics and validation of user profiles via social security numbers and mobile phone numbers guarantee accurate and reliable data. This commitment to precision sets Bounty apart in the realm of market research.

Highly Recommended Platform

Bounty has gained the trust of its users over the years, with over 90% signing up through loyalty recommendations. The platform is growing daily, with an average of 1,000 new consumers joining the community. This high recommendation reflects the genuine satisfaction users acheive from their rewarding market research experiences.
Bounty Mobile Research Customer Survey App

Bounty: Your Voice Matters, Your Rewards Await. Download Now!

Bounty is one of our tools to quickly reach and deliver Qualitative Research studies through QualsAI. We use Bounty alongside secondary panels and databases to ensure the most ideal candidates are sourced quickly.
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