Case Study: Evaluating Ikea's New Advert

Ikea Case Study From Quals AI Qualitative Research

Imagine a world where every corner of your home tells a story of joy, creativity, and the warmest of memories.

Now roll the camera and film it. Did you like what you saw?

We conducted a study in the UK chatting with 20 individuals to understand how the consumers evaluate IKEA's new ad copy and below are the results.



IKEA Advert Study Results


Ikea Quals AI Study Dashboard


One Sentence Insight

IKEA's ad campaign, embodying family-oriented, engaging content, is popular with parents, increasing interest in products, although quicker transitions and lack of product focus suggest room for improvement to attract a broader audience.


The general consensus among the participants is that IKEA's ad is:

  • fun,
  • engaging, and
  • evoke positive emotions.

The inclusion of children and family-oriented scenes in the ads resonates well with parents, evoking feelings of nostalgia and happiness, and effectively communicates IKEA's message of creating enjoyable and functional living spaces for families.

The ads' portrayal of fun, creativity, and the emphasis on affordable pricing were particularly appreciated. These elements contributed to a positive shift in perception towards IKEA, with some participants expressing a newfound interest in visiting IKEA stores or considering IKEA products for their homes.

It gave me the urge to go to IKEA and have a day trip there.” (35, Female)

Made me feel good about the little humans who live in my house, the ad made me laugh.” (42, Male)

The families spending quality, fun time together doing a range of different activities. Made me think IKEA is a family-orientated company.” (24, Female)

The use of animation and the depiction of various family activities were highlighted as standout elements that made the ads memorable and enjoyable.


Ikea Quals AI Study Results


Delivering IKEA’s values

The ad effectively communicated IKEA's focus on family, home, and the importance of creating spaces that foster happiness and creativity. Several participants noted that the ad made them feel good, evoking emotions of happiness, excitement, and nostalgia, which speaks to IKEA's ability to connect emotionally with its audience.

It was a fun ad. It evoked childhood memories of adventure.” (38, Male)


Room for improvement: slow the pace a bit

However, not all feedback was universally positive. Some participants found certain ads to be too busy or fast-paced, which detracted from their ability to connect with the content. A few also mentioned that the lack of focus on specific products or the rapid scene transitions made it difficult to absorb the details of the advertised items.

It was very 'busy' and eyecatching, perhaps a bit too 'fast', didn't really get time to catch all the product prices." (37, Female)


Ikea Quals AI Study Asking Additional Questions


Conclusion - The Road to IKEA store

In terms of consumer behaviour, while the ads reinforced positive perceptions of IKEA among existing customers, they also sparked interest among non-customers, indicating the ads' success in attracting a wider audience. The emotional and fun aspects of the ads prompted discussions about IKEA and its products, although direct sharing of the ads was less common.

Overall, IKEA's advertisement campaigns are effective in portraying the brand as fun, family-friendly, and affordable, aligning well with their target market's values and interests. To further enhance their impact, IKEA might consider focusing on product-specific details, adjusting the pacing of their ads, and exploring music selections that complement the visual content to foster a deeper connection with a diverse audience.


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