FAQs For AI Qualitative Research

Below are some of our most common questions. If you have anything more specific then please do get in touch


Is it possible to conduct tests on visual contents like advertisement, concept, or packaging tests on the platform?

Yes, you can upload any video, audio recording, or visual to the platform and simply specify the objective of your project. QualsAI will then present your uploaded materials to participants in a manner that aligns with the research objective and collects their evaluations accordingly.


How is data collected in QualsAI projects?

Data is collected through text-based interviews with consumers who meet specific criteria. This process involves generating insights from the information obtained in these current conversations, rather than relying on existing information available on the internet.


How many people are interviewed in a typical QualsAI project?

In each QualsAI project, interviews are conducted with 20 real individuals, and these interviews typically last for an average of 10 minutes.


Where and in what format are the interviews conducted?

The interviews can be conducted through the Bounty app or via any web browser. Additionally, they can also be carried out using various messaging applications, including WhatsApp.


How are participants selected and obtained?

Participants are selected from among the millions of consumers registered on the Bounty research platform and secondary panels, in accordance with the target audience profile defined in the project creation screen. If necessary, participants can also be sourced from different databases.


Is it possible to conduct interviews with individuals from our own database?

Yes, interviews can be conducted with individuals registered in your own database or CRM system. This can be done either by sending interview links or through instant messaging applications like WhatsApp.


How long after the interviews are completed can I access the project outputs?

As soon as the interviews are completed, you can immediately access the project debrief screen and obtain all the details regarding the project outputs.


Can I watch the interviews and ask additional questions?

After the interviews are completed, you can access all the details, but you cannot intervene or watch the interviews live as they occur.


Are interviews conducted with standard target audiences, or is it possible to define a custom audience?

You can enter all details and criteria for your target audience in the target audience profile section on the project creation screen. This allows you to ensure that the interviews are conducted with individuals who match this specific profile.

In which languages and regions can projects be conducted?

Interviews can be conducted in any desired region, country, and language worldwide.


Can I make changes to the interview flow after it has been created?

Yes, you can make any desired changes to the interview flow created by the platform on the project creation screen. You can give specific directives and request a deeper focus on certain sections.


For how long can I access the results of the projects I conduct on the platform?

You can access the results of your projects at any time. Additionally, with the SmartAsk feature, you can repeatedly ask any questions you have.


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