Report: Perspectives on Rule & VAR Changes in English Football

Perspectives on Rule Changes and VAR in English Football

In a comprehensive qualitative study conducted using, our advanced AI-driven research platform, we sought to explore the perspectives of football fans in England regarding the evolving landscape of English football rules. The study engaged 20 diverse individuals who support a variety of British football clubs. Through detailed interviews, we aimed to understand their views on the implementation of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) and the proposed Arsene Wenger offside rule. This report provides an in-depth analysis of the findings, highlighting fans' openness to rule changes, concerns, and suggestions for improvements.


English Football Fans' Openness to Rule Changes

English football fans show openness to rule changes such as the Arsene Wenger offside rule and VAR, but raise concerns about game pace, verdict consistency, and call for clearer decision-making to preserve sport integrity.


Perspectives on Rule Changes

In a comprehensive analysis of football fans' perspectives on the evolving landscape of English football rules, particularly the implementation of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) and the proposed Arsene Wenger offside rule, a diverse range of opinions emerges from supporters of various clubs. Fans generally express openness to changes in the rules, recognizing the potential for these modifications to enhance the fairness and excitement of the game. The new Arsene Wenger offside rule, aimed at simplifying offside decisions, receives mixed reviews, with some fans appreciating its clarity and potential to favor attacking play, while others express skepticism about its implications and preference for the status quo.


The Transformative Role of VAR

VAR's role in modern football is acknowledged as transformative, with many fans valuing its contribution to reducing errors in critical decision-making moments. However, concerns are raised about its impact on the pace of the game and the consistency of its application. Some fans suggest that including former players in VAR decision-making or improving the technology and processes involved could enhance its effectiveness and acceptance among the football community.


Inconsistency in Referees' Interpretation of Rules

The inconsistency in referees' interpretation of rules and the variability in verdicts on similar challenges are highlighted as areas of frustration. While some fans accept these as inherent aspects of the game, others call for greater consistency and transparency in decision-making to preserve the integrity of the sport.


The Importance of Evolving the Game's Rules

Despite the varied opinions on specific rule changes and the implementation of VAR, there is a shared recognition of the importance of evolving the game's rules to keep pace with advancements in technology and changing dynamics of the sport. Fans' suggestions for improvements include better training for match officials, more rigorous testing of new rules before their introduction at the top level, and enhancing the quality of technology used in decision-making processes. Overall, the feedback underscores a deep passion for football and a desire for a fair, exciting, and continuously improving sporting experience.


Positive Impact of VAR

Regarding the implementation of VAR in football, Leo (an Arsenal fan),

“VAR has reduced cheating in a lot of ways…”

highlighting the positive impact of technology on fairness in the game.


Enhancing Game Excitement

When asked about the impact of VAR on their enjoyment of football, Luca (Aston Villa fan) highlighted a specific scenario:

”When my team is playing a draw and VAR disqualified the opponent's goal that may lead my team to lose.”

expressing how VAR can enhance the excitement and satisfaction of watching a game."


Frustration with Current VAR System

"I don't like VAR, it takes too long to make a decision and sometimes it still isn't correct. I think the semi-automated offside used in Europe is better”

reflects the frustration felt by Chris (Manchester City fan) over the current VAR system in English football, indicating a preference for a more efficient technology that could maintain the flow of the game.


Need for Better Decision-Making

"The idea of VAR is what football fans had been wanting for years, but it feels like the referees don't have a common understanding of what is a foul or not. We must bring in people who love the game more than anything else and care about getting the right result instead of protecting their careers."

- Freddie (Liverpool fan)


Improved Viewing Experience

When asked about the introduction of VAR in English football, Adam (Crystal Palace) expressed a positive outlook, stating,

I think it's been a great addition to the English football leagues, it really helps to clear some arguments between me and my friends when watching the game sometimes.”

This comment highlights the role of VAR in enhancing the clarity and fairness of the game, thereby improving the viewing experience for fans."


Key Insights from Interviews

  • Fairness and Clarity

Many fans appreciate changes in the rules that promote fairness in the game. This includes the implementation of VAR (Video Assistant Referee) and the proposed Arsene Wenger offside rule, which many fans believe make the game fairer and decisions clearer.

  • Excitement and Enjoyment

Fans enjoy aspects of football that add excitement to the game. The potential for more goals with the new offside rule and the general dynamics of the game are aspects that fans find thrilling.

  • Technological Assistance

The use of technology, particularly VAR, is appreciated for its role in enhancing the accuracy of crucial decisions in the game. Fans feel that VAR helps in making the game more just by providing a second check on referee decisions, which can be pivotal in the outcomes of matches.

  • Consistency in Officiating

Fans desire consistency in refereeing, especially concerning how rules are applied during matches. They value when the game is officiated in a way that is consistent and unbiased, which VAR is perceived to support.

  • Preservation of Traditional Elements

While fans appreciate new technologies and rules that improve fairness and excitement, there is also a significant appreciation for traditional elements of the game. Some fans express a desire for the game to retain its original charm and simplicity, suggesting a balance between innovation and tradition.

These insights suggest that while fans are open to advancements like VAR and new rules that promote fairness and excitement, they also hold a strong appreciation for the traditional aspects of football that originally drew them to the sport.

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