Report: Rediscovering the Heart of Women & Brand Connections

Rediscovering the Heart of Women & Brand Connections

Thanks to our state-of-the-art AI-powered qualitative research tool,, we have conducted a study in the UK involving 20 women from diverse sociological and demographic backgrounds looking at their brand connections. This exploration, enabled by our innovative AI-powered tool, unveils the crucial role of emotional touchstones—happiness, contentment, and, most notably, nostalgia—in fostering brand loyalty and brand connections. The essence of quality, the pursuit of innovation, and a commitment to ethical principles are indispensable beacons guiding brands toward harmonious relationships with consumers. Our findings suggest that brands which embody these values not only secure loyalty but also become integral to the personal identity and developmental journey of their consumers.

With a rich palette of demographics, the study paints a detailed picture of the tender relationship between consumers and beloved brands such as Puma, Nike, Hermes, Apple, Lego and beyond, showcasing the beautiful complexity of these connections.

Rediscovering the Heart of Women & Brand Connections

A Nostalgic Foundation for Brand Loyalty

Our findings illuminate the cherished memories and growth opportunities brands like Lego and Heinz evoke, drawing hearts closer with strings of nostalgia, while Apple and Stella McCartney pave the way for a future where innovation, inclusivity, and sustainability are key.

Quality and Trust - The Bedrock of Connection

Highlighting the timeless allure of brands such as Puma, Nike, and Hermes, our study attributes their enduring appeal to a blend of unwavering quality, reliable customer service, and the deeply personal bonds they forge with consumers.

The Delicate Dance - Value Versus Essence

The allure of affordability and distinctive designs by brands like Primark and Adidas captivates many, yet our journey reveals the precarious edge where the essence of a brand could be overshadowed by the pursuit of value, posing a threat to loyal bonds.


"When the brands Vans and Gucci follow market trends, I feel disconnected" 

Charlotte, a 36 years old white collar woman from London, emphasizes the importance of consistency in a brand's style and values, and shows a dislike towards brands drastically changing their style to follow market trends.


Rediscovering the Heart of Women & Brand Connections

Unveiling the Emotional Core

Our expedition through the reaffirms the profound, emotion-laden pathways of consumer-brand relationships. Loyalty, it appears, blooms at the intersection of joy, trust, and a profound sense of belonging, all nurtured by the steadfast pillars of quality, innovation, and ethical integrity. The revelations from our odyssey offer brands a compass to navigate the intricate emotional landscapes of their consumers, encouraging a deep, lasting connection that resonates with the core of their being.


"The brands I feel a connection to help me maintain a good mood and feel good in my day-to-day life. They are elegant, intelligent, and classic - very much my style and my colors. I find them very warm and stylish, which contributes to my overall well-being. I trust in these brands because they have a good reputation." 

Amy’s relationship with brands such as Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, Rag & Bone, Yves Saint Laurent, Nike, Adidas, and Clarks, who is a 41 years old working mom from Manchester.


Rediscovering the Heart of Women & Brand Connections

The Soul of Loyalty

The Immutable Pillars

Quality and trust emerge as the sacred pillars of brand loyalty, with consistency and reliability heralding a brand’s place in the hearts of consumers.

Navigating the Tides

The threat to loyalty surfaces when brands drift from their essence, with concerns about quality dilution, service faltering, and price escalations becoming apparent.

The Heartbeat of Connection

The profound drivers of brand loyalty—ranging from the warmth of nostalgia to the exhilarating journey of personal growth—underscore the value consumers place on brands that mirror their own life stories.

Emotions That Bind

Consumers often develop deep emotional connections with brands for a variety of reasons, such as personal history, perceived quality, alignment with values, and their role in personal identity.

Personal Connection and Happy Memories: One consumer fondly recalls receiving their first Lego set at age three, a moment that cemented a lifelong affinity for the brand, underscoring the power of childhood experiences in forging lasting brand loyalty.

"I received my first Lego set when I was 3 years old, enjoyed Lego ever since."

Quality and Trust: Shoppers praise the affordable rates and seamless shopping experience at stores like Aldi and M&S, highlighting a trust in the brands' quality and the ease they bring to everyday life.

"They give me all that I need and at a very affordable rate as well. The ease of shopping and checking out is seamless."

Self-expression and Identity: Brands like Nike, Shein, and Adidas are lauded for supporting consumers' self-expression and growth, marking a transformation from who they were to who they aspire to be.

"They make me feel happy that I have left who I was in the past and give me the things I need to embrace who I am now."

Reliability and Comfort: The dependable presence and ethical practices of brands like Yorkshire Tea and Co-op offer a comforting assurance of integrity, adding to the overall happiness of consumers.

"Happy that they are around."


In essence, research not only maps the intricate ties of consumer-brand relationships but also celebrates the profound emotional currents that sustain these bonds. It offers a beacon for brands navigating the heartfelt desires and dreams of their consumer base, encouraging a legacy of love, growth, and shared memories.

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