Report: Non-Football Fans' Real Feelings on Euro 2024

Report: Non-Football Fans' Real Feelings Towards the Euro 2024


As Euro 2024 approaches, the football fever is palpable. Yet, amidst the rising excitement, a significant segment of the population remains largely unmoved. In a revealing series of interviews with 22 individuals, this article delves into the perspectives of non-football fans in the UK. Their insights shed light on awareness, emotional responses, social impacts, and views on brand promotions related to the event.



Awareness and Initial Feelings Towards Euro 2024

General Awareness

While most non-football fans are aware of Euro 2024, thanks to a barrage of advertisements and conversations with football enthusiasts, this awareness does not translate into enthusiasm.

Dean, a typical respondent, remarked, "All I know is that Euro 2024 is coming up very soon." Similarly, Sarah noted, "I've heard about it, mostly through ads and conversations with friends who are into football. Honestly, it doesn't excite me; it's just another event that's going to take over everything for a while."

Becky, echoing a common sentiment, said, "I'm aware of it, and I don't have strong feelings, but I will be trying to avoid it and spending my time doing things I enjoy instead."


Emotional and Social Impact

Feelings of Isolation and Overwhelm

In the midst of the excitement and fervor surrounding Euro 2024, a significant portion of the UK population experiences a complex blend of emotions that extend beyond mere feelings of isolation and overwhelm. For many non-football fans, the pervasive football culture can also evoke feelings of indifference and annoyance. As the sport dominates social conversations and public spaces, these individuals often feel disconnected from the communal enthusiasm, leading to a sense of being left out. This emotional landscape is further complicated by irritation towards the relentless marketing campaigns and brand promotions that capitalize on the event, which can feel intrusive and irrelevant to their interests. Consequently, while football fans revel in the camaraderie and shared experiences, non-fans navigate a social terrain marked by a mix of boredom and frustration, seeking solace in alternative activities and quieter, football-free environments. This dichotomy highlights the diverse emotional responses to major sporting events, underscoring the need for more inclusive social spaces that cater to a variety of interests.

"It can be isolating. I don't have much to contribute to those conversations, so I often feel left out or bored," Sarah confessed.

Alex added, "Mostly overwhelming. I feel left out because I can't really contribute to those conversations, and it gets tiring."


Negative Impact on Social Interactions

Football’s dominance in social conversations during Euro 2024 negatively impacts interactions for non-fans. Dean finds discussions about football "tedious and boring," while Sam observed, "It’s all over social media, and people argue about it a lot too!"


Avoidance of Social Gatherings

Several interviewees mentioned avoiding social gatherings and places where football is the focal point. Steve stated, "I personally will avoid any such gatherings and will definitely be offering a football-free zone in my pub." Georgina, similarly, plans to "try not to go out when there are matches."


Views on Brand Promotions

Indifference to Marketing Strategies

Most non-football fans are indifferent to brands using Euro 2024 in their marketing. Ben commented, "The event doesn’t change the product," and John added, "No change in my perception—it's just another form of advertising for me."


Negative Perception of Brands

Some interviewees harbor negative perceptions of brands that heavily promote Euro 2024. Peter said, "I don’t notice them; they are not an influencing factor for me." Sarah elaborated, "I find it a bit irritating. It feels like they're jumping on the bandwagon and trying to cash in on something that doesn't interest me."


Lack of Influence on Purchasing Decisions

The marketing blitz around Euro 2024 does not significantly influence the purchasing decisions of non-football fans. Ben’s perspective is typical: "It doesn’t evoke anything, just raises awareness of the event. The product is a sponsor and nothing more in my eyes and wouldn’t change my decision to purchase."


Impact on Social Habits

Changes in Social Behavior

Euro 2024 shapes the social habits of non-football fans, with many opting to stay away from pubs or busy areas to avoid the football frenzy. "I stay away from pubs that show football, stay out of bigger cities such as Manchester," Sam admitted. Alex agreed, "I sometimes avoid going out as much because I know the pubs will be packed, and the conversations will revolve around football."


Preferred Social Activities

Some non-fans turn to alternative activities during Euro 2024, such as spending time outdoors, watching other TV shows, or engaging in hobbies unrelated to football. "On the positive side, it forces me to find other things to do that I might enjoy more, like going for a walk or visiting a quiet café," Alex said. Sarah suggested, "Ideally, I would like to have more diverse social options available so that not everything is centered around football."


Preferred Ways to Experience Euro 2024

Seeking Alternative Activities

Non-football fans prefer engaging in activities that do not involve football. Helen mentioned, "Turning it off!" while Babo said, "So long as it's peaceful, that's enough."


Desire for Diverse Social Options

There is a clear desire for more diverse social options that cater to different interests during Euro 2024. Sarah hopes for"more diverse social options available so that not everything is centered around football. Maybe some events or activities that cater to people with different interests."


Enjoying Peaceful Environments

Many non-football fans prefer to enjoy peaceful environments away from the football frenzy. Vicky stated, "I never go to pubs so it has no impact on me, but good for local pubs to have extra business." Alex concluded, "I would prefer not to experience it at all, but I’d be pleased if England wins."


Memorable Experiences from Past Football Events

Influence on Current Views

Most non-football fans do not have memorable experiences from past football events that shape their views on Euro 2024. However, some mentioned negative experiences, such as crowded pubs or rowdy behavior, that contribute to their current disinterest. "During the last World Cup, my local pub was so crowded and rowdy that it was impossible to enjoy a quiet drink. It left a lasting impression, and I dread similar experiences," Alex recalled. Scotty reminisced, "I was very bad at football as a boy! I have bad memories about having to play football at school, and I never understood the appeal of the game."



The perspectives of non-football fans towards Euro 2024 highlight a general indifference or annoyance towards the event. While some appreciate the social aspect and occasional gatherings, most prefer to avoid football-centric environments and conversations. Brand promotions related to Euro 2024 often fail to resonate with this group, sometimes even leading to negative perceptions. Understanding these insights can help in creating more inclusive social and marketing strategies that cater to a broader audience.

Recommendations to Brands

To effectively engage with non-football fans during Euro 2024, brands should consider diversifying their marketing approaches and providing alternative experiences:

  • Diversify Content: Create marketing campaigns that go beyond football, incorporating themes of unity, excitement, and social connection that can resonate with a wider audience.
  • Alternative Activities: Sponsor or promote non-football-related events and activities during the tournament to offer inclusive social options.
  • Inclusive Messaging: Use inclusive and broad messaging that appeals to both football fans and non-fans, emphasizing community and shared experiences rather than just the sport.
  • Creative Promotions: Develop creative promotions and advertisements that engage through humor, storytelling, and innovative concepts, making them appealing even to those indifferent to football.
  • Highlight Benefits: Focus on the broader benefits of the event, such as social gatherings and community spirit, rather than just the matches themselves.

By adopting these strategies, brands can ensure they remain relevant and engaging to all consumers, not just football enthusiasts, during Euro 2024.

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