Report: Unveiling the Staycation Sentiments of the UK

Quals Report - Staycation Sentiment UK

A Qualitative Exploration with

In an insightful project powered by, our advanced AI-driven qualitative research tool, we embarked on a journey to understand the growing preference for staycations among UK residents. Engaging with 20 diverse individuals, we delved into the personal narratives that define the staycation experience. Participants were encouraged to share photos that captured their main motivations for choosing local holidays over traveling abroad, providing a visual and emotional depth to their stories.



Comfort, Convenience, and Cost

Emotional Comfort and Stress Reduction: Many participants expressed that staycations offer a stress-free alternative to the hassles of international travel. The familiarity of the local environment provides a comforting backdrop where relaxation and rejuvenation can take place without the anxiety of navigating foreign locales.

"There is virtually no stress or rushing in a staycation for me at the moment it is perfect." - Male, 53

Financial Considerations: A significant factor influencing the choice of staycations is financial constraints. The current economic climate, highlighted by several participants, makes local holidays a more viable option.

"Financial is a big reason especially during this cost of living crisis." - Female, 58

Convenience and Accessibility: The ease of planning and executing staycations, coupled with their accessibility, makes them an attractive option. Participants appreciated being able to spontaneously decide on local activities without the extensive planning required for overseas trips.

"It's easier, less stressful, and cheaper here." - Female, 52


Quals Report - Staycation Sentiment UK


Photographic Insights: Capturing the Essence of Staycations

Participants shared a variety of images that ranged from serene garden scenes to lively local attractions, each photo telling a unique story of what staycations mean to them. These images not only highlighted the beauty and diversity of the UK's landscapes but also underscored the personal connections individuals have with their local environments.


Quals Report - Staycation Sentiment UK



Family, Health, and Environmental Considerations

Family Time: Staycations often provide more opportunities for quality family interactions. The convenience of local holidays means less travel time and more time spent with loved ones.

"This is my family. My children are amazing. They would be the only people presently I would holiday with." - Male, 53

Health and Accessibility: For some, health considerations make staycations a necessity. The ability to manage personal health needs within a familiar setting offers peace of mind that is often unavailable during more distant travels.

"My partner will not fly for one and we're big on camping in our household." - Male, 32

Environmental Impact: A growing awareness of environmental issues has led some participants to prefer staycations as a way to reduce their carbon footprint.

"It's very important as at the current time the planet is in a mess and it saves a lot on our family carbon footprint." - Male, 32


Conclusion: Reimagining Travel in the UK

The insights gathered from our study with reveal a complex tapestry of motivations driving the UK's increasing inclination towards staycations. From financial savings and reduced stress to environmental concerns and family dynamics, the reasons are as varied as they are compelling. As we continue to navigate through changing global circumstances, the allure of discovering the joys of one's own country remains a steadfast choice for many.

This exploration not only highlights the personal reasons behind staycations but also encourages us to view local travel through a new lens—one that appreciates the immediate beauty and accessibility of our surroundings.

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