Research Agency Access to AI in Market Research

Your Research Copilot to Embrace AI in Market Research

Quals AI in market research is a complete solution to ensure Research Agencies stay ahead, save costs, add additional revenue streams and improve researcher and customer experience.

QualsAI is your research copilot supporting and enabling Market Research Agencies to revolutionise their approach.
Research Agency Copilot to Embrace AI in Market Research

Quals AI is Your Personal Qualitative Research Assistant to Make Studies Faster and Cheaper with Better Experience and Greater Insights

Integrating artificial intelligence can not only streamline your processes but also unearth deeper insights faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. Get ready to transform your research with efficiency, convenience, and unparalleled depth.

Unite Traditional With Advanced Research Methods Using Quals AI

Market research has long been the backbone of strategic business decisions, leveraging traditional techniques to gather consumer insights. These methods have served us well, offering depth and substance through:

• In-depth interviews
• Focus groups
• Ethnographic studies

Quals AI, deeply rooted in traditional approaches allows market research agencies to enhance their offering with simple and easy to use AI in Market Research. Quals AI enables research agencies to benefit across a number of methods.
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Research Agency Copilot to Embrace AI in Market Research - Efficiency and Speed

Efficiency and Speed

Automated survey ideation, creation and real-time fielding cut down project timelines significantly.
Research Agency Copilot to Embrace AI in Market Research - Enhanced Accuracy

Enhanced Accuracy

QualsAI employs machine learning algorithms and natural language processing for more precise data analysis and report delivery and generation.
Research Agency Copilot to Embrace AI in Market Research - Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

Advanced research methods, including conjoint analysis and implicit testing, become more accessible with AI, reducing the financial burden on traditional research agencies.
Research Agency Copilot to Embrace AI in Market Research - Richer Insights

Richer Insights

AI's ability to perform deep consumer segmentation and predictive analytics offers actionable data-backed insights that drive product development and marketing strategies.
Embracing AI in Market Research not only complements, but elevates traditional research methods, ensuring that market research agencies remain at the forefront of innovation in an enhanced user-friendly method.

Quals AI Revolutionises Qualitative Research With Significant Impact on Market Research Practices

Integrating artificial intelligence can not only streamline your processes but also unearth deeper insights faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. Get ready to transform your research with efficiency, convenience, and unparalleled depth.
Research Agency Copilot to Embrace AI in Market Research - AI Data Analysis

AI and Data Analysis

AI transforms qualitative research by making data analysis faster and more insightful. Key benefits include:

Advanced Data Processing

Machine learning algorithms quickly sift through vast datasets, and report delivery identifying patterns and trends.

Insightful Report Generation

Natural language processing enables the creation of detailed reports that highlight consumer sentiments and preferences.
Research Agency Copilot to Embrace AI in Market Research - AI Data Analysis

AI-Driven Participant Engagement

QualsAI enhances participant engagement, ensuring convenience and richer data collection through:

Flexible Scheduling

Participants can engage at their convenience with user-friendly and convenient automated chat flows, increasing the likelihood of thoughtful, in-depth responses.

Adaptive Interaction

AI tailors questions based on previous answers, mirroring a natural conversation and digging deeper into consumer insights.
Research Agency Copilot to Embrace AI in Market Research - AI Data Analysis

Real-Time Insights Gathering

With AI, market research moves at the speed of business, offering:

Instant Feedback Loop

Real-time fielding and data collection provide immediate insights, enabling swift strategic adjustments.

Dynamic Data Cleaning

Automated survey creation and data cleaning processes ensure data quality, freeing researchers to focus on analysis and strategy.

The Quals AI Edge

Qualitative Research in Minutes Not Days- Supercharged Through AI With Consumer Interviews and Data Analysis

Comprehensive Study Setup

Quals AI simplifies the setup and execution of market research projects, making it a breeze for agencies to:

Automate Survey Creation

Streamline question design with AI suggestions, ensuring relevance and engagement. Then test your interview for enhancements and confidence.

Efficient Participant Screening

Leverage AI to anticipate ideal participant personas and locations.

White-Label Branding

Quals AI offers seamless integration into your brand, allowing agencies to:

Maintain Brand Identity

Customise the interface to reflect your agency’s branding, ensuring a consistent user experience.

Build Client Trust

Present a polished, branded platform that reassures clients of your commitment to cutting-edge research solutions.

Executive Summary and Deeper Insights

With Quals AI, dive into the heart of your data through:

Quick, Clear Summaries

Get immediate, actionable insights with AI-generated executive summaries.

In-depth Analysis

Utilise advanced AI tools for a deeper understanding of complex data sets, enhancing report generation with rich, data-backed insights.
Quals AI elevates market research by merging artificial intelligence with traditional methods, offering unmatched efficiency, precision, and client satisfaction.

Embedding Quals AI in Your Research Strategy

Integrating Quals AI into your market research framework isn't just about keeping up with trends; it's about setting new standards in efficiency, insight, and impact. Here's how Quals AI can redefine your approach:
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AI in Market Research in Minutes Not Days- Supercharged Through AI With Consumer Interviews and Data Analysis

Blending with Traditional Methods

Seamlessly incorporate AI-powered tools to complement and enhance the richness of traditional qualitative research. It's about marrying the best of both worlds.

Streamlining Processes

From automated survey creation to dynamic data cleaning, AI significantly reduces project timelines while ensuring data quality and substance.

Deepening Insights

Advanced algorithms and natural language processing unlock nuanced consumer insights, providing a deeper understanding of market trends and customer feedback.

Quals AI in Market Research Sectors


In the FMCG sector, Quals AI accelerates product development by quickly identifying consumer trends and preferences, enabling brands to innovate with speed and precision. Find out how AI in market research can benefit the FMCG industry with our dedicated offering.
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Consumer Goods and Retail

For consumer goods and retail, Quals AI offers insights into shopping behaviours and preferences, helping brands tailor their offerings and enhance the customer experience. Using AI in market research benefits consumer goods and retail in multiple ways for efficiency and cost savings.
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Food Industry

In the food industry, Quals AI dives into taste preferences, dietary trends, and sustainability concerns, providing valuable data for product innovation and marketing strategies. When using Quals AI in market research, your qualitative research studies are richer, cheaper and obtain deeper insights.
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Marketing and Advertising

Quals AI transforms marketing and advertising by offering deep insights into consumer sentiment and effectiveness of campaigns, guiding more impactful strategies. Find out how AI in market research can benefit market and advertising research outcomes with our unique platform.
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With a new, lower entry point, agencies can now offer Startups the benefit from Quals AI experience by gaining a competitive edge through fast, insightful research into market needs and consumer feedback, crucial for rapid iteration and growth. See how using AI in market research for startups can offer new revenue opportunities for agencies.
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Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

AI-powered tools provide healthcare and pharmaceuticals with nuanced patient and consumer insights, driving better product development and targeted marketing strategies. Quals AI has the benefit of experience working with thtese industries and offers the use of AI in market research for a competitive edge and quicker, reactive insights.
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Financial Services

In financial services, Quals AI helps understand customer needs and expectations, enhancing service offerings and improving customer satisfaction. Staying ahead and retaing brand reputation is traditionally a proactive apprach, but now, with AI in market reseacrh, it can be a reactive medium, shortening the time for results to hours, not weeks.
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Automotive brands leverage Quals AI in market research to tap into consumer preferences, emerging trends, and safety features, steering product development and marketing. Using AI can bring new, faster and deeper insights into consumer sentiment, brand recognition and competitor analysis.
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For the education sector, Quals AI provides insights into learning behaviours and preferences, enabling institutions to tailor their offerings and improve learning outcomes. By harnessing Quals AI in market research, educators and instutions can become more aware of course sentiment, satisfaction and satisfaction.
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Media and Entertainment

Using Quals AI in market research for media and entertainment, acheives deeper insights and more actionable insights. Our AI platform analyses viewer preferences and trends, helping media and entertainment providers create compelling content and tailor their offerings.
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Travel and Hospitality

In travel and hospitality, Quals AI uncovers emerging trends and traveller preferences, guiding businesses to tailor experiences and improve satisfaction. Ensuring guests during their experiences receive the highest of hospitality standards is vital in ensuring guest satisfaction and increased secondary spend and Quals AI can be executed quickly to ensure any problems are addressed before they any negative sentiment.
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Telecommunications companies use Quals AI to understand customer service expectations and technology trends, improving offerings and customer engagement. It is vital to understand consumer sentiment prior to any contract renewal to maximise customer retention and customise any tailored offerings and service standards.
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Quals AI is not just a tool; it’s your supportinve research assistant to bridge your transition towards AI in Market Research

We’ve created a platform that respects the experience of researchers while delivering in-depth and genuine insights as a supportive AI assistant. Our aim is to make AI in market research through qualitative research more accessible, efficient, cheaper, quicker and responsible.
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Our mission is to support researchers by supplementing their qualitative research with AI to be faster, more accurate and more efficient

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