QualsAI Research Ethics and Data Protection Policy Summary



At QualsAI, we are deeply committed to the ethical conduct of qualitative research and the rigorous protection of data. This document provides an overview of our approach to research ethics, data protection, and the measures we take to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the data entrusted to us by our respondents and clients.


Respondent Engagement and Consent

AI Moderation and Data Usage

  • Informed Consent: Participants in QualsAI-facilitated research are fully informed that an AI system moderates discussions and analyzes findings. This transparency ensures that respondents understand the nature of their participation and the technological aspects of the research process.
  • Data Utilization Disclosure: We clearly communicate to respondents how the data and information they provide will be used, including that it will not serve in training publicly available AI systems. This ensures that participants are aware of their contributions' scope and purpose.
  • Rights and Anonymity: Every respondent is informed of their rights, including anonymity, the right to withdraw from the study at any point, and how to exercise these rights. Our commitment to protecting respondent identities and responses is paramount.


Quality Assurance and Validity

Ensuring Validity of Results

  • Quality Checks: QualsAI employs a comprehensive system of quality checks throughout the research process. This includes validation of AI interpretations, peer reviews, and, where applicable, manual verification of findings.
  • Transparency and Access: Upon project completion, clients are provided with detailed documentation of the methodologies employed, including full interview transcripts and the AI's role in data analysis, to ensure the validity and reliability of the conclusions drawn.


Data Security and Personal Information Protection

Safeguarding Data

  • Security Measures: We implement state-of-the-art security protocols to protect against unauthorized access, data breaches, and other security threats. These include storing data in cloud data servers owned by reputable service providers (for instance: AWS, etc.), regular security audits, and compliance with international data protection standards.
  • Personal Information Handling: Personal data is handled with the utmost care, limiting access to authorized personnel and employing strict data minimization principles. Personal information is only used within the scope of the informed consent provided by respondents.
  • Compliance and Oversight: Our data protection policies are in strict compliance with GDPR and other relevant data protection laws, ensuring that personal information is processed lawfully, fairly, and transparently.



QualsAI is dedicated to advancing qualitative research through AI while upholding the highest standards of ethics and data protection. Our approach is designed to foster trust among respondents and provide clients with insights that are both valuable and ethically obtained. We are committed to transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement in all aspects of our work.

For further details or specific inquiries, please contact our team at info@quals.ai.

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