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Using Quals AI for User Experience UX Research

Enhancing Traditional User Experience UX Research with AI-Driven Qualitative Research Insights

Quals AI is your UX research assistant to support Startups, Enterprise and Research Agencies to revolutionise qualitative research.
User Experience UX Research Qualitative Research Copilot to Embrace AI in Market Research

Quals AI Makes UX Research Easier, Faster and Cheaper with Better Experience and Insights

With essential UX Research, artificial intelligence (AI) is not just a buzzword; it's revolutionising how we uncover deep insights into user experiences.

Get ready to transform your understanding of people navigating your digital products, with AI as your ally.

The Arrival of Quals AI in UX Research

Quals AI marks a pivotal shift in UX research. Quals AI bridges the gap between the potential of AI and the intricacies of user experience. For too long, researchers have grappled with the challenges of compiling deep, actionable insights without a blow to the budget or timelines. Quals AI not only promises to alleviate these pain points but also introduces a new era of efficiency and precision in understanding user behaviours and preferences. This leap forward in UX research methodology is not just timely; it's transformative, offering unique innovations to researchers, startups and enterprise users.
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Transforming UX Research: Before and After Quals AI

The Traditional UX Research Landscape

Before the advent of AI-driven tools like Quals AI, UX research was often:
• Time-intensive, requiring lengthy periods for data collection and analysis.
• Costly, with significant resources spent on recruiting participants and conducting in-depth studies.
• Limited by geographical and logistical constraints, especially for in-person sessions.
Quals AI makes UX research quicker, cheaper and generates greater participant and research experience.

The Quals AI Difference

AI in Market Research in Minutes Not Days- Supercharged Through AI With Consumer Interviews and Data Analysis

Quals AI revolutionises UX research by:

Streamlining Data Collection

Automated, AI-driven processes significantly reduce the time and manpower required for data gathering.

Enhancing Analysis Accuracy

Advanced algorithms offer deeper insights into user behaviour and preferences.

Expanding Research Capabilities

Remote research options broaden the scope beyond traditional geographic limitations.

Key Benefits of Using Quals AI for UX Research

Efficiency and Speed

Quick turnaround from data collection to insight generation.

Cost Reduction

Lower overall research costs due to automation and improved resource allocation.

Deeper Insights

Enhanced capability to dissect complex user behaviours and attitudes.


Equally adept at handling moderated and unmoderated, as well as remote and in-person studies.
Through the integration of Quals AI, UX research has not only become more accessible but also more dynamic, offering actionable recommendations that drive design innovation and improve user satisfaction.

The Quals AI difference – a smarter, quicker, and better experience in understanding UX Research

Industry Applications of Quals AI

Quals AI is a transformation catalyst across various sectors. Its application in UX research transcends boundaries, offering bespoke solutions tailored to the unique demands of different industries.
Redefining Market Validation Research For Startups


For start-ups, agility is key. Quals AI facilitates:

• Rapid idea validation through quick-turnaround usability testing and surveys.

• Early detection of user frustration points, ensuring a smooth initial launch.

Fast-tracking Product Development

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Redefining Market Validation Research For FMCG

FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods)

Understanding Consumer Preferences

In the fast-moving consumer goods sector, keeping pace with consumer tastes is crucial. Quals AI aids in:

• Analysing behavioural patterns to predict future buying trends.

• Conducting extensive diary studies to understand daily consumer routines and preferences.
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Redefining Market Validation Research For Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and Advertising

Crafting Targeted Campaigns

Creating resonant messages requires deep insights. With Quals AI, marketing firms can:

• Employ A/B testing to refine ad effectiveness.

• Utilize sentiment analysis to tailor campaigns that strike a chord with target demographics.
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Redefining Market Validation Research For the Food Industry

Food Industry

Tailoring Culinary Experiences

The food sector benefits from understanding nuanced consumer preferences. Quals AI's capabilities include:

• Exploring attitudinal insights towards new food concepts via focus groups.

• Enhancing dining experiences through participatory design sessions with potential customers.
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Redefining Market Validation Research For the Retail Industry


Enhancing Shopping Experiences

Retailers can leverage Quals AI to:

• Conduct task analysis and journey mapping to streamline the shopping process.

• Use prototype testing to design intuitive and pleasurable in-store and online shopping experiences.
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AI Qualitative Research For Healthcare


Improved Patient Interaction

User experience research in healthcare is crucial for improving service quality and patient satisfaction.

• Understanding patient needs through UX research leads to better communication and tailored care strategies

• Streamline healthcare processes, making them more efficient and patient-friendly
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Redefining Market Validation Research For Market Research Agencies

Research Agencies

Elevating Research Quality

Research agencies find in Quals AI a powerful ally for:

• Combining qualitative and quantitative data for comprehensive market analyses.

• Streamlining data analysis, allowing for more time to be spent on strategic insights and less on manual data processing.
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Across these verticals, Quals AI serves as a bridge between traditional UX research methods and the future, enabling businesses to not only meet but anticipate the needs and desires of their customers.

Features and Advantages of Using Quals AI for UX Research

With its unique blend of AI-powered functionalities, Quals AI offers a suite of features that streamline the UX research process from start to finish.

AI-driven Insights

Deep Analysis

Harnesses machine learning to dig deeper into user feedback, uncovering patterns and insights that might elude human researchers.

Behavioural Understanding

Analyses both behavioural and attitudinal data to provide a holistic view of the user experience.

Real-time Data Collection and Analysis


Offers real-time data collection and analysis, significantly cutting down the research timeline.


Facilitates both remote and in-person studies, making it easier to reach diverse user groups.

Cost-Effective Research Solutions

Resource Efficiency

Reduces the need for extensive manpower and logistical arrangements, directly impacting research budgets positively.


Adapts to any size project, ensuring high-quality UX research is accessible to startups and corporations.

Streamlined Research Process

Comprehensive Approach

Seamlessly integrate with qualitative and quantitative data, usability testing, and more into one cohesive process.


Enhances product team collaboration, allowing for seamless integration of UX research findings into the design process.
Leveraging Quals AI for UX research doesn't just save time and money; it opens new avenues of understanding into user behaviour, needs, and frustrations. With its comprehensive approach, real-time capabilities, and AI-driven insights, Quals AI empowers researchers to deliver more impactful, user-centric designs that drive usability improvement, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately, contribute to business success.

Quals AI in Action: Case Studies

Quals AI has illuminated the path for numerous organisations, demonstrating the profound impact of AI-powered UX research across various industries. Here's a glance at how Quals AI has transformed UX research endeavours, leading to tangible business outcomes.

Revolutionising Retail UX


A leading online retailer needed to enhance its website's user experience to reduce cart abandonment rates.


By understanding nuanced customer preferences, the brand introduced a new product line that saw a remarkable increase in market acceptance.


Identified and rectified navigational issues, improving the checkout process and increasing conversion rates by 15%.

Innovating in FMCG Product Development


An FMCG giant sought insights into consumer preferences for a new product line.


Conducted participatory design sessions and diary studies using Quals AI.


Gained valuable consumer insights, leading to a product line that outperformed sales expectations by 20%.

Streamlining UX Research in Startups


A fintech startup wanted to understand user frustrations with mobile banking apps.


Deployed Quals AI for task analysis and prototype testing with real users.


Uncovered and addressed key user frustrations, enhancing app usability and customer satisfaction metrics.
These case studies underscore Quals AI’s versatility in adapting to different industry needs, enabling organisations to:

• Generate and evaluate both qualitative and quantitative data efficiently.

• Conduct comprehensive UX research, encompassing moderated and unmoderated, as well as remote and in-person studies.

• Develop actionable recommendations that drive design validation and usability improvement.
By leveraging Quals AI, businesses not only gain a deeper understanding of their users but also achieve a competitive edge in the market, demonstrating a significant return on investment through enhanced product design and user experience.

Kickstarting with Quals AI

Embracing Quals AI for your UX research initiatives is straightforward, setting you on a path to unlock unprecedented insights into user experience. Here's how you can seamlessly integrate Quals AI into your research strategy:
AI Qualitative Research Assistant Methods

Setting Up Your First UX Research Project

Define Your Objectives

Clearly outline what you aim to achieve with your UX research.

Select Your Methodology

Choose from a range of methods supported by Quals AI, including surveys, usability testing, and diary studies, tailored to your specific needs.

Gathering UX Research Insights

Launch Studies

Deploy moderated or unmoderated, remote, or in-person studies directly through the Quals AI platform.

Analyse in Real-Time

Benefit from Quals AI’s AI-driven analysis, providing instant insights into user behaviours and attitudes.

Implementing Findings

Launch Your First Project

Utilise Quals AI to generate practical, evidence-based recommendations for improving your product's UX.

Collaborate with Your Team

Share insights and collaborate efficiently with your product team to implement changes that enhance user satisfaction.

Why Use Quals AI For user Experience UX Research?

Choosing Quals AI for your UX research efforts means opting for:


Drastically reduce the time from research to insight.


Deployed Quals AI for task analysis and prototype testing with real users.


Minimise expenses without compromising the quality of your research.
Embracing Quals AI is more than just adopting a tool; it's about enhancing your capacity to understand and meet user needs, ensuring your products are not only functional but delightful to use. Begin your journey with QualsAI today and transform the way you approach UX research.

Quals AI is not just a UX Research tool; it’s your complete qualitative research assistant experienced in bridging AI with Market Research

Quals AI redefines user experience UX research and offers a complete AI-powered qualitative research process, equipping businesses with the tools for a future-proof strategy. Make informed decisions, understand customer needs, and shape the market with confidence. Embrace the change, let Quals AI guide your journey to innovation and success.
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